Geotechnical Investigations

Exploratory Drilling

'helping build a firm foundation'



Drilling Expertise in:

  • Geotechnical Investigations
  • Environmental Investigations
  • Mining Exploration

Solid Flight Augers:

  • 41/2 Inch
  • 50m depth capability


  • 100mm Diameter
  • 200m depth capability

Rock Sampling:

  • NMLC 200m depth capability
  • NQ 200m depth capability
  • HQ 200m depth capability and angled holes
  • 4C 200m depth capability
  • NW/HW Coring 200m depth capability


  • U50 Sampling
  • SPT Sampling
  • HQ 200m depth capability
  • 4C 200m depth capability
  • NW/HW Coring 200m depth capability

Wireline Coring:

  • 75 to 100mm diameter
  • 200m depth capability

Drilling equipment
at your disposal

Track Mounted Drill Rig

Truck Mount MD300

Past Projects

  • Geotechnical Investigation for both proposed industrial warehouse developments and high/mid-rise residential developments

  • Geotechnical Investigation for numerous bridge development projects (Scenic Rim Regional Council)

  • Airport Link Tunnel

  • QTC Certification (Queensland Coal and Gas)

  • Port of Brisbane

  • Qld Urban Utilities, Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • Lendlease


Environmental Compliance

Warragal Drilling Management is committed to providing the highest standards in environmental protection at all stages of involvement in a given project.

To ensure this we shall:

  • Conform to all environmental legislation and uphold all legal obligations
  • Only using environmentally responsible drilling consumables
  • Educating our personnel in the environmental responsibility they have as drilling professionals
  • Ensure employee accountability in keeping environmental standards

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